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At Brand Vision we believe that social media marketing can be one of the most effective ways to reach a new audience and keep in touch with people who already follow your progress.

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That’s 14% of the world’s population. Put another way, that's 1 in 8 people alive today living without hope amongst trash, sewage, drugs, and abuse in unimaginable conditions. Life without secure housing is a life without basic
Design Solution & Pattern
Design Solution & Pattern
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Video platforms like TikTok and Youtube are not included in the package, if you are interested in the platforms contact me directly. You also can add to your purchase 2 videos per week on TikTok for Special Price.

Once the order is placed, I will send you a detailed message with my requirements and questions related to your niche. The first 6 post will be crafted for image and text approval, this way we can set up the image bases that will be used for the entire project.

Once all posts are approved, a schedule will be suggested. Posts will be published according to the schedule.portal from which all of your digital marketing analytics are reported,
giving you 24/7 access to campaign performance.

YES, I will start publishing once all post are approved.


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