To ensure your place on the first pages of search engines, the content of your website must be easily identifiable by them. Writing SEO web content or SEO-optimized content is a fundamental part of promoting your business and increasing traffic to your site. But who should you contact to optimize your web pages? Content creation is a profession and no one can improvise as a web editor. It is, therefore, preferable to call on experts: content writing agency, ezikweb… The role of the web writer is to write relevant and quality texts that meet the requirements of Internet users and the criteria of search engine positioning.

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For a fundamental article writing service, the reasonable spot lies at around $50 per article, according to the infographic mentioned above. At this price point, you can demand grammatically-sound, well-researched, SEO-friendly articles that your audience will want to share.


We’ve honed our onboarding and article request methods over years of experience to help customers communicate intent, audience, voice, and nature.

You can customize your account to get precisely the content you need-including the number of articles, word length, and any optional services. WebCruials subscriptions are flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts.

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